What to ask when booking transportation for your Wedding or Special Event

What amenities are included ?

Professional dressed and trained drivers and music selection is provided. Ice is also provided for Weddings booked in one of Stretched Limousines of Limousine Buses.

Does Chariot impose a fuel surcharge?


Are Chariot Buses and Limousines equipped with air conditioning?


What happens if the vehicle experiences a mechanical breaks down?

Possessing some of the newest vehicles in the area coupled with preventative maintenance we strive to avoid break downs as much as possible.

Do I lose my deposit due to inclement weather conditions?

Safety is Chariot's Limousine and Bus #1 priority. If road conditions preclude safe travel a refund will be issued.

Can Chariot cross state lines?

Yes, unlike some of our competitors Chariot Limousine and Bus fully complies with Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) interstate regulations.

Do your drivers possess commercial drivers licenses (CDL)?

Yes. All of our drivers are appropriately licensed. In addition Chariot Limousine and Bus fully complies with Federal Drug Testing requirements.

How long have you been in business?

While most Limousine companies fail in the first 3 years Chariot has been in business since ?????.

Do you carry insurance?

Yes. Chariot Limousine and Bus carries commercial insurance and is in compliance with State and Federal DOT insurance requirements.

Is a gratuity added?

Yes. For your convenience a 15% gratuity is added to your invoice.

Does Chariot offer a military discount?

Yes. Current Service Men and Women receive a 10% discount on Wedding Bookings.

What happens if we go over our time?

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. If you desire longer service we are usually able to accommodate extension request. Your invoice will be charged for additional time.

Can we bring alcohol and food on the bus or limousine?

Yes. Many of our vehicle have drink wells. To maximize your comfort our drivers can place your coolers in the trunk and restock the drink wells during stops.

Can I hook up portable music devices to the vehicles sound system?

Yes. All of our vehicle are equipped with Ipod cables.